The History of the Volvo Coupé.

In 1960 The first Volvo-Coupé is showing on the Brussels Car-Salon.
In the next year the Production from the P 1800 starts.
As Kombi-Coupé he will be known as P 1800 ES, who special in Amerika much Fans found.
In 1973 stops the Produktion.
The 262 Bertone-Coupé appears in 1977.
There are three serie’s recognizable on the colorpalets
Silver ( first serie, 1977 – 1981),
Gold (second serie, 1979 – 1981),
Hellblue and Black (third serie, 1981).
Middle 1981 the last 262 Coupé is build.
In march 1985 disseapears the succesfully 780, who is created and build by Bertone.
With the C 70 we are coming in 1997 in a new timearea:
He is as Coupé and Cabrio available, with him there’s an ending with the axe-Design.
His soft, smoothly forms appears on the Swedisch Volvo-Designers.

With the C 70 there stops a small delivery of Volvo-Coupés The 780 was officialy not presented in some European Country’s

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