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Volvo-Service, points to note, engine
compartment     40

Oils, Fluids, lubrication and cooling
systems     43

Engine, transmission, final drive, brakes, clutch, power-
assisted steering, body lubrication, coolant drive belts.

Electrical system     50

Changing bulbs, chaning fuses

Wheels and tyres     55

General advice spare wheel, changing wheels

Body care     60

Replacing windscreen wipers, headlamp wipers, washing,
polishing, waxing, touching-up paintwork damage, rust-
proofing, cleaning upholsery, etc.

Wintertime, before a long-distance
trip     65

Fault-tracing     66


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Page 5:40 Volvo Service

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Before your car was handed over to you by your dealer, it underwent
two inspections: the first was carried out at the Volvo Factory, and the
other by your dealer in the form of a pre-delivery inspection according
to the specifications of the Volvo Factory.

Warranty service

When you have driving your car roughly 1000-2000 km (600-1200
miles), hand in your car to your dealer for warranty inspection, during
which the oil in the engine, gearbox and final drive will be changed.

10 000 km (6000 miles) service

After the above-mentioned warranty service, you should adapt the
maintenance of your car to the service booklet specifications with
servicing every 10.000 km (6000 miles). The service booklet tells you
what this service entails.


There is some-servcing work which you can do yourself, e.g., checking
oil levels, changing oils and so on. These and those small repairs
which every driver encouters, for example, changing a bulb, a fuse,
a wheel, are subsequently described in this manual.
More detailed descriptions of repairs and adjustments are contained
in our service manuals which you can order via your Volvo dealer.

Bear in mind...

  • A 10 000 km (6000 miles0 service is needed in order to keep your car
        in good trim both from a traffic and operational point of view.
  • A neglected 10 000 km (6ooo miles) service can result in your car
        emitting exhaust gases harmful to the environment.
  • Servicing is best done by a Volvo workshop, since it has personnel
        familiar with Volvo products, Volvo special tools and reliable service
  • Your service booklet is stamped after each service has been carried
        out. A "Well stamped" service booklet is an indication that the car
        has been well looked after and this should increase its trade-in

  •         If your warranty is to apply, we make one absolute condition and that is that the above-mention-
            ed arranty inspection is carried out at rougly the correct mileage, that your car has otherwise
            been looked after according to the instructions in this manual, that, e.g., the prescribed oil
            changes and 10.000 km (6000 miles) service inspections are carried out at these intervals and
            also that repairs and servicing are done by an autorized Volvo workshop.

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    Note the following before doing any work on your car:

    Your car if fitted with an alternator

    This means that you must observe the following when about to do any
    work on the electrical system otherwise expensive and lengthy repairs
    to the alnernator might be the result:

  • Make sure that the battery cables are correctly wired to the respec-
        tive battery pole and are well-tightened.
  • If you use another battery to help you car, then connect the
        +pole of the helper starter battery to the +pole of the car battery
        and the -pole to the -pole.
  • Never disconnect the battery while the engine is running (should
        you wish to change the battery for example).
  • Before doing any electrical welding on the car, disconnect the
        battery earth cable and all the alternator and changing regulator
        cables. Remember that a rapid charger may not be used as said in
        starting. also, it should be switched off when connecting and dis-
        connecting cables.

    The fuel injection system

    The greatest cleanliness must be observed in connection with any
    work on the fuel injection system. No dirt must be allowed to get into
    the system.
    A Volvo workshop should be allowed to carry out the work on the fuel
    injection system since it has the necessary equipment for this.

    Jacking up or hoistening the car

    If the car is hoistened with a workshop hoist or jacked up with a work-
    shop jack, the four jack attachments (two on eich side, see illustration)
    must be used. They are specially reinforced for this purpose.
  • jack attachments
    If a workshop jack is used, it can be placed under the rear axle casing
    or under the front axle member between the front wheels
    The guard plate under the engine should first be removed when jack-
    ing up the front end under the front axle. Make sure that the jack is
    securely positioned so that the car does not slide off it when jacked up

    Always use jack supports or similar.

    NOTE! Never place a jack under a steering rod or sump.


  • Never creep under the car when it is jacked up
  • The car's standard jack should be used when changing
        wheels. For any other requiring raising the car, trestles
        should be placed under that part of the car to be raised.
  • Apply the parking brake, engage 1st or reverse for a manual
        gearbox or position P for an automatic transmission.
  • Place chocks in front of and behind the wheels still on the
         ground. Use thick blocks or large stones for this purpose.

  • Page 5:42 Engine

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    B27A Engine B27E Engine

    B27A Engine

      1 Data plate
      2 Ignition coil
      3 Oil filler cap, engine
      4 Ignition distibutor
      5 Carburettor
      6 Air cleaner
      7 Brake fluid reservoir
      8 Clutch fluid reservoir
      9 Windscreen/headlamp washer reservoir
    10 Dipstick, engine
    11 Expansion tank, coolant
    12 Oil reservoir, power-assisted steering
    13 Battery

    B27A Engine

      1 Data plate
      2 Ignition coil
      3 Compressor, air conditioning
      4 Oil filler cap, engine
      5 Air cleaner
      6 Dipstick, automatic transmission
      7 Brake fluid reservoir
      8 Fuel filter
      9 Expansion tank, coolant
    10 Windscreen/headlamp washer reservoir
    11 Dipstick, engine
    12 Oil reservoir, power-assisted steering
    13 Battery

    Text and pictures from owners manual yearmodel 1979

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