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For 1978, Volvo presents a landmark automobile: the 262C with body by Bertone.
There's never been a finer Volvo.
Put yourself behind the wheel of the 262C and you enter the world of true Grand Touring cars, a world appreciated only by demanding, discriminating drivers who can appreciate and afford the best in motoring.

Drive the 262C and you experience the satisfaction that comes with owning a classic, limited production car.
Volvo's light-alloy V-6 engine provides the quick, smooth responce characteristic of great Grand touring cars.
Surefooted, agile handling and a body by Bertone-one of the most respected names in Italian coachbuilding- combine with performance to make the 262C a car that will be applauded by drivers know great automobiles.

The smell and feel of line leather adds to the 262C interior's air of quiet, tasteful luxury. Soft, pleated black leather covers the anatomiclly designed, and individually heated front seats, and the spacious rear seat of this genuine 2+2 touring car. Leather also covers the doors and rears, plus the complete headliner. Door panels are accented with genuine elm veneer and the leather-covered sun visors are recessed into a full-width leather panel above the windshield. The padded steeringwheel is covered in matching hide, completing the 262C's feel of fine quality.

As a worthy companion to luxurious comfort, convenience is also a part of the 262C interior. Above each door are individual swivel-mounted map lights. The windows are power-operated, as are the rear-mounted antenna and outside rear view mirrors. The center console extends into the spacious rear passenger compartment and contains an illuminated ashtray and lighter.
Other standard equipment includes cruise control, a feature that offers comfort plus improved mileage on long trips;"European-profile" steel-belted radials, mounted on light-alloy wheels; and Mystic Silver metallic finish with black vinyl roof.

Another standard feature is Volvo's integrated air conditiong,which has a recirculation capability and even dehumidify heated air in winter. As in all Volvos, every control for every piece of equipment lies within easy reach and driver visibility is excellent...making the 262C a part of the proud Volvo tradition.
Powering the 262C is Volvo's 2.7-liter overhead cam V-6. Its specifications are matched perfectly to the thoroughbred character of this finest Volvo ever.

The V-6 also incorporates Volvo's Lambda-sond emission control-a revolutionary system that permits the 262C to do what most munufacurers claimed was impossible: meet the stringent state and federal regulations with optimum power and efficiency. Most 262C drivers are expected to specify Volvo's three-speed automatic transmission. But there is an alternative: Volvo's fully synchronized four-speed manual gearbox with electrally activated overdrive.

Complementing the unigue aspects of the 262C are all the qualities and features that make any model Volvo one of the safest, most maneuverable automobiles in the world...including four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes, a dual braking system in which each circuit operates on the three-not just two-wheels, power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering with only 3.5 turns lock-to-lock,and a 32'2" turning circle.

Americamodel 262C 1977-1979
The 262C also incorporates Volvo's safety-body design with a central "cage" buffered by front and rear "crumple zones". Bumpers of Aluminium alloy backed by gas-filled impact absorbers are designed to take a 5 mph bump with no damage.

All these things contribute to the spirit of Grand Toutring embodied by the Volvo 262C.

The 262C combines Volvo's renowned engineering. durability and quality control with Italian artistry and elegance to produce an automobile that will rank high among the world's finest Grand Touring cars... a fitting position for the finest Volvo ever.

Volvo 262C
Specifications and Equipment

Model designation B27F
Configuration V-6
Displacement 162 cu. in (2673 cc)
Bore X Stroke 3.46 x 2,87 ins. (88 x 73)
Horsepower (SAE-net) 125 @ 5500 rpm
Torque (SAE-net) 148 ft. lbs. @ 2750 rpm
Compression Ratio 8.2:1
Fuel Delivery Continuous Flow Injection
Fuel Unleaded (91 RON) Regular
Emission Control Lambda-sond ™* Three-way Catalyst
Engine Block and Cylinder Head

Cast Aluminium Alloy with wet
steel cylinder liners
Valve System

Chain-driven overhead camshafts(
(one per cylinder bank) operating
rocker arms.
General dimensions and data  
Wheelbase 104.0 inches
Overall Length 192.6 inches
Overall Width 67.1 inches
Overall hight 53.5 inches
Legroom, Front (SAE) 41.3 inches
Legroom, Rear (SAE) 37.7 inches
Seating Capacity 2 + 2 Tourer
Trunk Capacity 13.8 cu. ft.
Fuel Capacity 16.4 gallons
Cooling system  
Sealed, Anti-freeze Coolant 11.5 quarts
Electrical system  
Battry 12 Volt/70 Amp Hour
Alternator Rating 55A
Starter Motor 1.1 hp. Output
Ignition 100 % Solid State

Four-speed, all-synchromesh with
electrically operated overdrive

Three-speed with floor-mounted
illuminated quadrant with PRND21
Steering system  
Rack-and-pinion with Safety Steering

17.1:1 Power Assited
Number of Turns, Lock to Lock 3.5
Turning Circle 32'2"

Michelin "European-profile"steel-
belted radials (185/70-SR 14) mounted
on 5½ J X 14 Light-alloy wheels.
Spare Tire

"Space-Saver" with electric air

* Lambda Sond™ is a trademark of Volvo of America Corporation.

Brake system

Self-adjusting disc brakes on all four wheels with ventilated front discs. Tandem type 4:1 power-assisist. Pressure relief valves on rear brakes. Dual "triangle-split" hydraulic system, with stepped-bore master cylinder to maintain low pedal effort even if one circuit fails, connects both front wheels and one rear wheel on each circuit. Center handbrake operates mechanicaly on separate rear wheel drums.


Unit construction with energy absorbing front and rear ends with central"safety-cage". Special anti-corrosive coating is sprayed into closed-section profiles, inside doors etc. Galvanized steel in rust susceptible areas. Two separate undercoats. Partly aluminized exhaust system.


Front: Spring-strut type incorporating coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. Rear: Rigid axle carried by longitudinal controls arms and torque rod. Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, plus stabilizer bar.

Standard equipment


Mystic Silver metallic finish with black vinyl roof and deluxe trim. Tinted glass. Power antenna. Electric rear window defroster. Intermittent windshield wipers. Light-alloy wheels. Dual, electric remote control rearview mirrors.


Full leather interior, including black pleated leather on seats, door panels with elm veneer, headliner and trim. Deep-pile carpeting, including trunk, Dual swivel map lights. Self-adjusting, three-point safetybelts front and rear. Leather storage pockets on doors. Rear seat armrest.

Additional Equipment:

Electric tachometer. Trip meter. Cruise control. Air conditioning. Variable Instruments and controls.Illuminated, locking glove compartment with vanity mirror. Power-assisted brakes. Heated front seats. Quartz crystal clock. Automatic luggage compartment light and engine compartment light. Power windows... and more.

Warranty and maintenance

volvo offers a 12 month limited warranty without mileage restriction. To help you fully understand your warranties, servicing needs and maintenance schedules. Volvo has prepared a descriptive booklet.


Your dealer can advise you of the possible advantages of leasing. Consider a variety of plans, including full-service leasing with maintenance and insurance coverage, available from 12 to 48 month periods.


The factory reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to prices, colors, materials, standard equipment, specifications and models and also to discontinue models.

text from USA 262c brochure 1978.

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