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Origineel Belgisch voertuig!
Gereden voor Zweedse ambassade en Volvo Europa (Fabriek te Gent)
Bouwjaar: 1977!!
De 264TE’s werden gebouwd vanaf 1976/1977!!


This car is built in Sweden ´by Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik. They are the faktory who helps Volvo to built some models. Ex 145 Express. 245 Transfer. 264 TE / 244 long from 1981-1988 . Ambulances. 740/760/940/960/S90.
I have been intrested in long Volvo cars since 1985
and I have tried to learn in the history of extended Volvo cars. (mostly the 200 series)
I have some registery of the 245 T and 264 TE.


Eindelijk een site gevonden met deze uniek limo!
Zeer recentelijk helaas onze motor vastgelopen, wij zijn op zoek naar een vervangende.


It is really great fun to drive this limo.


In 2000 this car will be available for areal limo lover.


for sale


Official car of the former “GDR”-government
(Dienst des Sozialismus)


Ex.D.D.R. staatslimo.


Just bought this one for a really reasonable price. Body in perfect shape — needs paint. Interior immaculate.
Minor electrical glitches. Engine is tired… Big suprise.
Thinking about doing a transplant.


I think this is the only 264te left in Norway.
My car was sold as new to “autohallen” in Bergen which were the biggest car hire firm in Norway at the time.
It was deliwered with flagholders as new.
There were only sold 2 264 te new in Norway.
King Olav the 5` bought one and sold it to AVIS the hire company. It was destroyed in a car accident in 1983.

By the way my car has the mark “Volvo bertone-italy on its chassis numberplate


This car was driven from 1994 till 1998 in Holland.
Then from 1998 to 2001 in Bremen (Germany). I bought it in Okt. 2001


This car was the ex car for the swedish ambassy in Washington/USA.
We bought it with the help of VOLVO Gothenburg from the swedish foreign ministry.
Car had a bad engine and we put in a fine used one.
For the moment the interior plush is not so good but the car is often used for weddings or other events.


With Vinylroof. This car originally was the duty car of the swedish representative at the UNO in New York.
For some time it was used as a limousine for hire in Malmö/Sweden.
We bought it 1990 from a VOLVO dealer in Sweden.<BR<
We are looking desperately for a left rear window (Between the door and the rear window)!!


This car I found in the ex DDR. Not many kilometers, but it was a little rust.
So we (twinbrother and I)decided to restore it completely.
Now we worked more than 800 hours and this spring/summer it will be finished!
It is a year model: 1976 and black (with original documents of the first immatriculation in DDR!)
I have bought this car in the ex. DDR and it is one of the 125 Examples, witch have been bought by Erich Honegger!
Now, i have restaured the car and it is in an excellent original condition!


This is a 83-model,probably the last 264 ever produced.The first owner was the norwegian king.


Fine condition, technical complete rebuild. with b27a engine.


If anyone has more informations about this car please let me know.
There are a few parts missing on my car and I have some trouble to find them.
I would be pleased if anyone has an address where to get spare parts
such as safety belts for the second row, front side windows, curtains, …

Kind regards and greetings from Luxembourg.


Ik heb een b 27a motor met su-hif caburateur


This is the 4th. 264 TE from Y.Nilsson.
There where buildt 16 264 TE in 1982/83.
4 of them where delivered in Sweden, 11 of them to DDR, and the last one to Norway.
I have imported this from Sweden.
Now it has an 280F engine and an AW 71 automatic transmission. It is an left hand drive car.


My car formerly was the demonstration car of Volvo Deutschland.
I bought it in the eightees.
it,s equipped with a new engine by Volvo with less than 1000 kilometers.
Because I\’m getting too old now for the hobby \”Volvo-owner\” it is for sale.
Interested people can write me an email.


Owned by the Swedish Consulate in Rome, 1977-1982.
Good overall conditions, thanks to mild climate and moderate use. Little to no rust.
Engine to be restored, due probably to some sort of misunderstanding by former owners…
Now sharing some space with a beautiful 1980 245 Transfer
(metallic charcoal grey, B21A, automatic, a/c, black leather interior, nivomats, heated seats, central locking, electric windows,
third row seats and black leather dual cup-holder front armrest)


starting restauration (5/2010)


Right hand drive, ex Qatar-embassy of London