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Note: Hello Welcome back at the Volvo Bertone site.
Here we will continue our storys, info, pictures, manuals, an much more in the near future, at our own domain.
We are still growing and getting bigger with more atikels an pictures.
So help us with supporting any news you find on the net or your own story, material and pictures.

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Welcome at the Volvo Bertone site!
Our Register was founded on 27 May 1989 including the Volvo 262C Register.
The aim of our register is to keep the Volvo 262C, 264TE and 780 models rolling.
In 1997 the Volvo Coupe Register has decided to include the Volvo
264TE and Volvo 780 models. The reason for this is that these cars were also produced by Bertone Italy.
The Register has officialy changed its name on the 27 May 1999 from
Volvo 262C Register to this Volvo Coupé Bertone Register.
That was because of allowing the other models.
Select your language of the page of your specific model. We sincerely hope you enjoy the information and stories and find the
information you are looking for.
Even check out other stories or information in other languages because not all of them are translated.

This site is best viewed with resolutions 1024x768 but lower and higher are also suitable.

What will you find here? Presented in Dutch, English, German and in French,
you will find lots of useful information about those three car models that where handcrafted by Bertone Turin Italy, including original folders of the Volvo models and other information.

In the past we have seen much nice pictures of the Bertone's.
We are looking from your Bertone in wintertime.
I think there are some beautiful picture taken but not much are one the site,
We had much nice snowy winters, so if you have any beautiful pictures share them with us.
Of course we will bring them in the gallery.

Thanks in advance. Jerome

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Looking for roadtests, driver opinions, pictures, etc
Who can give us detailed feedback about the differences in each production year of the different models?
Anything you can think of, is valuable to other Volvo owners!

We are also in search of special handy technical tips to inform new owners to guide them when they want to buy the 262C, 264TE and 780 models or mail
Maybe you've found something valuable that isn't in written yet.
Let me now!
Do you come across a Volvo link that isn't on the Volvolinkpage, or do you mention Volvo information on your personal page, tell us.
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Thanks, Jerome