Volvo Coupé Bertone Register brings to you...
Volvos for Sale

Many question came to me if there is a possibility for advertising used cars.
We are glad to introduce our new site.
This site is only for the Volvo models 262C, 264TE and 780, they can be placed here with our advertisement form that you have to send to us.
We provide the following list of cars as a courtesy to the owners and to the visitors of this site,
and that becomes more and more.
If you sell the car we are happy that you inform us also and maybe give us a small financial benefit to continu this possibility.
You can send it to this adres.
The money goes to support the continued operation of this site.
Advertising in the Guestbook is not allowed anymore and advertisments will be removed from the Guestbook.

If you'd like to mail us a picture in "gif" or "jpg" format of your car that would be added by the advertising,
please contact the webmaster ahead of time and use to him.

Check out here the Volvo used cars.
Please contact the owners via email or telephone and mention that you saw the listing on this Volvo website.

Volvo Coupé Bertone Register assumes no liabilities and offers no warranty or guarantee of merchantability for any of the vehicles offered.
We have not seen the offered cars and cannot guarantee that their condition matches the description provided by their owner.
(But think they really do so.)