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Page 2:19 Interior lights
Page 2:20 Radios, AM-FM-FM stereo-CB/Tape players, elect. operated antenna
Page 2:21 Front seats
Page 2:22 Seat belts
Page 2:23 Seat belts

Page 2:19 Interior light

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Interior light
Lamp switches
                     Spotlight             switches

Interior lights

There are two interior lights, one at each door.
There are three switches, one on each lamp
and one on the steering column.

Switch on steering column

1 Light always on.

2 Lights is on either of the door are

Lamp switches

These switches light the spotlight in the center
of the interior light. It can be aimed as desired.

To facilitate finding ignition lock, etc., during
darkness a time delay device will illuminate the
interior light for approx. 15 seconds after clos-
ing the driver's door (does not apply to the
passenger's door).

Page 2:20 Radios, AM-FM-FM stereo-CB/Tape players, elect. operated antenna
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Operating instructions

This equipment is available in various models, each providing slightly
different capabilities. Operating instructions are contained in the
manuals associated with each model.
These manuals are placed in the cas when the equipment is installed
by the Dealer.
Your Volvo Dealer will be able to asist you with any questions re-
garding the operation of this equipment.

NOTE:Operation of Citizen Band (CB) radios is governed by Federal
You must obtain a special license before operating this equipment.

Radio antenne mast

Always lower the antenna mast when
entering automatic car wash.

Page 2:21 Front seats
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Seat height

There are two levers, each with three po-
sitions foradjusting the height of the seat
(front and/or back of cushion).
This allows adjustment of the seat cushion
angle for added comfort.
After adjusting the seat, check
that it is securely latched.
NOTE! Do not attempt to
adjust seat height while seat-

Front seat

Seat back release

Press the button and fold seat forwards to
allow passengers access to/from the rear

Lumbar support adjustment

Horizontal seat adjustment

Pull control upward, then slide seat forward or
rearward to desired position.
Make sure that seat is properly secured
when you release the control.

Note: For your safety, never adjust seat while

Seat back inclination adjustment

Rotate control clockwise to tilt seat back rear-
Rotat counterclockwise to tilt seat back
Note that body weight must be shifted to
allow seat back to move forward.
Both front seats are electrically heated and are
thermostatically controlle. Auromatic en-
gagementbegins at 59°F (+15°C) and ends at
77°F (+25°C).
Observe that the passenger seat heater may
be switched on/off by a switch on the instru-
ment panel see page 14

Page 2:22 Seat belts

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Seat belts warning lights
Release button Front seats
Release button Rear seats

Seat belt, retractable

Fasten the belts whenever you drive or

Two light will be illuminated for 4-8 seconds
after the ignition key is turnede to driving
position. One light is located in the instrument
cluster and one in the console between the
front seats.
A buzzer will sound at the same time if the
driver has not fastened his seat belt.
The front and rear outboard seats are provided
with self-retracting inertia belts.

                  Release button, front seats                   Release button, rear seats
To buckle:
Pull the belt out from the retractor far enough
to insert the latch plate into the buckle until a
distinct snapping sound is heard. The belt

shoult not be twisted or turned
To unfasten, depress red pushbutton in
buckle and let belts rewind into their re-
The seat belt retractors are normally "un-
locked". The retractors will lock up as follows:
  • if belt is pulled out rapidly
  • during braking and acceleration
  • if the vehicle is leaning excessively
  • when driving in turns
  • Check seat belt mechanism function as
    1 Attach the seat belt. Pull rapidly on the
    2 CAUTION: Check other traffic before
       accomplishing this check.

       Brake firmly from approximately 30 mph
       (50 km/h) or turn in a tight circle while
       pulling on the belt.
    In all the above checks you should not be able
    to pull the belt out.

    Page 2:23 Seat belts
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    Seat belts manually adjustable
    Seat belts manually adjustable

    Seat belt, manually adjustable


    The center rear seat belts is manually as-
    justable. It should always be adjustable to the
    correct length.

    To lengthen, angle the buckle as shown in the
    illustration and pull the belt through.

    To shorten, pull the upper part of the double
    webbing until snug.

    Check perodically that the anchor bolts are
    secure and the belt in good condition.

    Use water and a mild detergent for cleaning.

    As the seat belts lose much of their strength
    when exposed to violent stretching, they
    should be replaced after collision, even
    though they may appear to be undamaged.

    Never modify or repair the belt on your own.
    but have this done by a Volvo workshop.

    Text and pictures from owners manual yearmodel 1980

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