Front brochure.

When Volvo first envisioned a
personal grand touring auto-
mobile, we began by review-
ing the essentials from both
the manufacturing and design
standpoints. We anticipated
an elegant and luxurious au-
tomobile in the classic mode.
Rather than being overstated,
it had to be comfortable in a
personal way, as though built

   specifically for the individual
behind the wheel. It had to
have not merely performance,
but responsiveness-an auto-
mobile that, rather than
driving you, would let you
dominate the road, with un-
paralleled sensitivity and
balance. And we knew that,
for all this, it needn't call
attention to itself-because its
status as a world-class auto-
mobile would be evident at
the very first glance.
  We knew, of course, that a
car of this quality could only
be build in limited quantities.
Though technology plays a
part, the design and produc-
tion of a classic automobile
demands the skill and, above
all, the care are the
hallmarks of traditional
craftmanship-and of all
Volvo cars. Thus it was only
natural that, when it came
time no marry Volvo's engi-
neering talents to those of an
automotive design firm, we
sought the one-and only
one-that is our equal in this
regard: Carrozzeria Bertone.

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780 logo

Bertone. For over sixty years
They have produced auto-
motive legends. They are
creators of, among other mas-
terpieces, the 1954 Alfa
Romeo Giulietta Sprint and
the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4.
Under the stewardship of
Nuccio Bertone, son of the
founder, it remains a spe-
cialized shop dedicated to
Old World ways.
   "Taste, distinction, class
cannot be improvised,"Signor
Bertone has said. "They are
inherent qualities produced by
long generations of history,
style, customs, and culture."
   The limited edition Volvo
780 sedan. The preeminent
personal grand touring auto-
mobile of its time. By Volvo,
and Bertone.
   Carrozzeria Bertone has
suffused the 780 unmistaka-
bly with its style-unique,
original, yet overspread with
an indelible timelessness. The
shapely elegance of its line
expresses the 780's luxury
quotient as well as its auto-
motive excellence. Within,
glove-soft leather, the dash
and door panals of meticu-
lously matched birch burl, re-
veal a pleasing unity of
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design- nothing seems "tacked
on," and what are normally
deemed "extras" appear as
part of the whole. The result
is a measure of elegance that
is unabashed. The textures
and aromas, the even stitch-
ing and wood's rubbed
richness-all coalesce into an
expression of refined taste.

  From an engineering
standpoint, the 780 handles
with a responsiveness that
renders it virtually exten-
sion of its pilot. The precise
handling and directional sta-
bility, the smooth power of the
V-6 engine, the anti-lock
brakes, connect you directly to
the driving experience.
  The remarkable engineer-
ing, moreover, has been mar-
shalled on behalf of your

comfort, as well. The front
seats have automatic-slide
feature for easy access tot the
rear seats. The climate control
system is capable of completely
changing the atmosphere 6.5
times each minute. The high
fidelity of the AM/FM cas-
sette stereo with seven-band
graphic equalizer fills the car

lushly from four speakers.
The seats, front and rear,
reflect Volvo's traditional con-
cern for functional comfort.
Troughout, the detailing is
  This insistence on quality
explains why, at present, we
can produce only a handful of
cars a week. We expect, soon,
the figure to rise, perhaps to
triple. We're proud of our
achievement. And we want
eveyone capable of appreciat-

ing the Volvo 780 to have the
chance to do so.
  Of course, we don't want
you behind the wheel if it's
not a 780-in every way
we've descibed-so we'll never
make more, quite simply,
than quality permits.
  Which is the best reason in
the world for driving one.

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Volvo's unparalleled reputation
as a builder of fine automobiles
is based, at bottom, on our
high standards. It takes a
truly special machine to express
the same high level of reli-
ability on its last drive as it
did on its first.
  The fact is, from the very
first, reliability is a primary
design consideration. Our so-
phisticated quality control
methods dictate that designers
and engineers finalize exacting
overall standards in the de-
velopment stage, followed by in-
dividualized standards, first
for the vehicle's different systems
(steering, suspension, brakes,
and so forth), and then for
seperate parts.

  Though you sense it imme-
diately when you get behind the
wheel, building in quality
doesn't result in anything we
can show. But, as your 780
continues to reveal its strong
heart long after other cars have
been put aside, you'll be glad
we did.

The 780 derives its remarkable
handling capabilities from
Volvo's unique combination of
steering, suspension, and brak-
ing systems. Their design helps
insure that, in almost any
driving situation, your Volvo
will react in a predictable

  Volvo's power-assisted, rack
and pinion steering system is
precise and consistent. The
power-assist facilitates steering
without taking away your sense
of the road. And maneuvering
and handling have been greatly
simplified by the tight, 32-foot
5-inch turning circle.
  The 780 features MacPher-
sion, strut front wheel suspen-
sion, which combines shock
absorbers and coil springs. The
transverse steel wishbone is de-
signed to enable the overall
wheel suspension system to
maintain its precision-even
after long years of hard service.
Front and rear stabilizer bars
serve as torsion springs, helping
to minimize body roll during
  In back, each function of
Volvo's revolutionary Constant
Track Suspension is handled by
a separate component. This al-
lows the design of each compo-
nent to be optimized for its
specific task. Combined with a
wide track and carefully bal-
anced geometry, Volvo's unique
rear suspension provides excel-
lent road holding and stability.
A special subframe prevents the
transmission of road noise and
vibration to the body-and to
you. And a Nivomat automatic
load leveling system on the 780
is designed to help keep the rear
suspension in a good position for
maintaining excellent road-
holding ability-even when
fully loaded.
  Our basic four-wheel disc
braking system incorporates spe-
cial sliding calipers which en-

able the brake fluid to bypass
hot front discs, lessening the
chance of fluid vaporization-
a primary cause of temporary
brake failure. Front disc ven-
tilation ducts and brake fluid
with a high boiling point also
help in this regard.
  The 780 also has an Anti-
lock Brake System (ABS)
which helps prevent brake
lockup on slippery surfaces-
important for stability in
an emergency. (Moreover, if the
system malfunctions, it deacti-
vates itself automatically, and
lets you know via a warning
light on the dash.)

It is perhaps typical of Volvo
that the ease and comfort of the
780 stem from hundreds of
hours of pioneering ergonomic

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investigation. That's because we
want you to feel, not just
relaxed, but better able to
accomplish the complexities of
  To begin, the extra-large
doors swing out to a generous
angle, and feature an intermit-
tent stop as well, for locations
where space is tight. The doors
and trunk are controlled by
central locking; and both the
trunk and fuel filler cap have
remote releases.
  Once inside, you'll discover
the pleasures of Volvo's inno-
vative seat design. Both front
bucket seat are heated and ad-
justable through a range of
positions: fore-aft, seat cushion,
height, backrest-each can be

manipulated by power controls.
You'll find a manual lumbar
support adjustment too.
What's more, the seat's correct
orthopedic construction insures
that even the longest journey
will pass without discomfort.
  Within the driver's area of
the car, you'll find numerous
instruments and controls that
will enable you to pilot your
Volvo in comfort, and with op-
timum effectiveness. The instru-
ment cluster is lit clearly from
above and remains easy to read:
devoid of dazzle by day, well-
defined at night. The console is
ergonomically positioned so that
you can reach it quickly and
  When you choose not to open
the 780's power moonroof, the
climate control unit will modu-
late the interior air quality-

rather than making it merely
hot or cold
  A quiet interior is one of the
780's most pleasant qualities.
Wind noise has been mini-
mized. The ducts bridging the
engine bay and passenger com-
partment have all been care-
fully sealed. Insulation has
been fitted between the body and
the wheel suspension system.
And the doors have been sealed
with extra care. We think
you'll find it the perfect en-
viroment for a pleasant
drive-and for enjoying the
780' sophisticated audio

  The 780 features an even-firing
V-6, B280F gasoline engine*
with aluminum alloy cylinder
head and block, overhead
camshafts, electronic ignition
system with spark advance and
knock sensor, LH-Jetronic fuel
injection, and Lambda Sond®
emission control. A four-speed
automatic transmission with
electricaly-operated overdrive is
  The V-6 manifests the essen-
tial qualities of all the engines
used in Volvos: driving comfort;
operational reliability and per-
formance emphasizing torque in
the low and medium range
speeds. It features a number of
sophisticated subsystems:
The LH-Jetronic fuel injection
tion system and the micro-
processor-controlled ignition
system work together to control
engine speed and load. When
the engine is cold, a richer fuel
mixture is automatically sup-
plied. Conversely, when the en-
gine is used to brake-or in the

event that the engine over-
revs-the fuel supply is cut off.
The engine's knock sensor allows
automatic correction for the
problem cylinder, thereby ren-
dering the engine less sensitive
to variations in fuel quality.
  The emission control system
features a catalytic converter
which reduces the content of
noxious gases.Volvo has further
improved the process with the
addition of the process with the
Lambda Sond® system. This
device senses the level of oxygen
in the exhaust gases and con-
trols the fual/air mix in the
injection system. This serves to
heighten the catalytic cleaning
process, enabling the converter to
better do its job.

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Four-wheel disc brakes (and
ventilated front discs with
sliding calipers) help
provide resistance to brake
fade. The anti-lock system
helps prevent wheel lock-up
during sudden braking on
slippery or wet road

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The collapsible steering col-
umn is designed to offer
several stages of protection
during collisions to help
minimize injury

Crash Safety
Despite the complicated research
behind it, the essentials of our
crash safety formula are rather
  The 780's front and
rear-areas most subject to full
crash impact-have designed-in
"crumple zones," which collapse
in a predictable manner to help
absorb impact forces. The side
members up front and in back
are of similar design. The en-
gine mounting is designed in
such a way that the engine is
directed downwards rather
than into the passenger com-
partment-during severe

  The next line of defense-the
"safety cage"-requires extraor-
dinary durability. towards this
end, each individual spot weld
has been made strong enough
to-if necessary-support the full
weight of the car. The front
windscreen and rear glass have
been securely bonded, and the
doors have tubular bars to help
protect against intrusion into
the passenger compartment dur-
ing side impacts.
  The steering wheel's padded
surface-aided by the seat
belts-helps shield the driver
during a slight bump. The

steering columm itself is designed
to give way and align with the
body in a more serious impact,
for more uniform collision force
distribution. The entire unit
has been designed to collapse,
disengage, and telescope into a
sleeve during the most severe
  As with many other aspects
of our crash safety work, Volvo's
seat belt development has been
long-term and continuous.
We've been tinkering with
them, in fact, for almost three
decades; and the three-point
belt, only recently acknowledged
by most of the automotive world

as the best system, was
standard equipment on certain
Volvos in 1959.
  The driver's side has a sup-
plemental restraint (airbag)
which is designed to help lessen
the severity of facial and upper
chest injuries-when used along
with the seat belt. It is acti-
vated if a frontal or frontal
angular impact occurs at a
speed of approximately 12 mph
or more. A padded knee bolster
is intergrated into the lower edge
of the instrument panel on the
driver's side. Both front seat
belts also have pretensioner de-
vices designed to automatically
tighten the belts during frontal
and frontal angular impacts of
12 mph or more.
  Fortunately, most accidents
aren't dramatic; and our spe-
cial front and rear bumpers,
built to handle an impact of up
to 5 mph, help guard against
"fender benders".
In keeping with Volvo's
traditional concern for safety,
we ask that you and all your
passengers use seat belts-every
time you drive. Seat belts and
proper child restraints can help
save lives-if they'e used. Please
remember that all states and
most Canadian provinces now
have mandatory child restraint
laws which hold the driver
responsible for compliance. In
addition many states and
provinces now have mandatory
adult seat belt usage laws


Most cars, unfortunately, are
finished off, not by a crash, but
that creeping automotive men-
ace, rust; and Volvo has de-
veloped a number of innovative
ways to all but eliminate this
corrosive killer

Volvo's unique Constant
Track rear suspension has a
special subframe which
helps absorb the torque of
the live rear axle. The
subframe helps prevent
vibrations fom being
transmitted to the body-
providing a smooth
quiet ride.

page 9

The MacPherson strut front
wheel suspension incorpo-
rates coil springs and shock
absorbers. A rod attached to
the transverse steel wish-
bone helps absorb long-
itudinal forces.

page 9

Zincrometal®-sheet steel
treated with a zinc-rich primer
then baked-has traditionally
been our metal of choise for the
most rust-prone body members.**
With the 780's, we've gone a
step further, extending
Zincrometal use, so that, in
collaboration with galvanized
steel and thicker-than-ever
anticorrosion treatments, it
covers virtually the entire car.
  Nor have we ignored the
interior. A thin anticorrosive
gel, sprayed on the assembly
line into closed body sections
protects your 780 from within.
Numerous protective coatings
guard the underside, especially
vulnerable to corrosion and

rust. A coat of abrasion-resis-
tant paint has been applied to
the floor between the front and
rear wheel housings. On top of
this, a thick asphalt compound
is then added. The wear sur-
faces of the rear wheel housings
are protected by a unique
"armed" bitumen coating. And
a rustproofing oil, sprayed on
the underside of the engine com-
partment, contributes an extra
measure of protection.+
  Both the paint and the
paint process contribute to the
body's longevity as well. Prior
to assembly, zinc welding
primer is applied to critical
joints, which receive further
protection during assembly with
a caulking compound. A thor-

ough cleansing then completes
the job, and a zinc phosphate
spray, for better paint ad-
herence, follows. Next comes an
all-encompassing electro-dip
primer bath, then oven-baking,
sanding, and inspection. Then
abrasion-resistant paint is
sprayed wet-on-wet to the bot-
tom rails, the bottom of the
floor, and the area behind the
rear wheel arch. The sheet
metal below the beltline, the
lower half of the doors, door
sills, and rocker panels are es-
pecially vulnerable to paint-
chipping-that's why Volvo next
applies special stone-chip resis-
tant paint to these areas. A
final layer of surfacer is

sprayed on the entire body
which is than sanded for
greater smoothness. Next the
sealer is applied wet-on-wet
with four coats above the belt-
line and five below. Finally, a
thick top coat is applied
(and a clear coat on metallics).
The Volvo paint process takes
many hours and considerable
care-but we think the quality
of the result is worth the effort.
  It' true: we´ve gone into the
details of engineering at some
length. But it´ our belief that,
at heart, a machine such as the
details of engineering at some
780 must have nothing to
hide. Every detail must demon-
strate the unadulterated quality
that forms the core of all true
greatness. And we can´t imag-
ine a better way of revealing
that than showing you how
it's done.

  * The V-6 engine was developed and
     is manufactures by Sociéte Franco-
     Suédois de Moteurs-PRV, a com-
     pany owned by Volvo jointly with
     Peugeot end Renault.
** Zincometal is a registered trade-
     mark of the Diamond Shamrock
  + Volvos cars are thoroughly under-
     coated at the factory. Additional
     Undercoating at the time of delivery
     is not only unnecessary, it could
     cause problems if non-Volvo prod-
     ucts were chemically incompatible
     with Volvo's factory-applied under-
     coating. At the time of first
     corrosion inspection, your Volvo
     dealer will determine if additional
     Volvo undercoating is required.

page 10

A new 2.8 litre, V-6 gasoline
engine powers the 780. It's
even-firing configuration
provides smooth perform-
ance throughout its operat-
ing range.




page 10
Volvo's flair for functional
design is visible at a glance.
The center console is angled
towars the driver so that
all controls are easy to
reach; instrumentation is
clear and well lit.

The Volvo Philosophy
An important aspect of the
Volvo philosophy is service-the
belief that with the automobile
you purchase comes the company
that build it. With this in
mind, we've created a pair of
service tools designed to make
driving worry free: our three-
year, unlimited mileage, lim-
ited warranty; and Volvo On
Call SM+-one of the industry's
most comprehensive road service
  Our longer, more extensive
warranty proves that there are
ways of improving a product
that aren't built into it.*
We've tied to think of
  . Adjustments and repairs to
parts and fittings can't be

avoided. And, since these prob-
lems often fall outside the
600-1200 mile inspection
period, we've extended it-to
fully six months and 10,000
  . Volvo warrants that, for
three years, the painted body
panels of your Volvo will re-
main free of surface corrosion. It
will be devoid of body section
Perforation for five years. And
we warrant against rust-re-
lated structural damage for
eight years. All levels are for
unlimited mileage.
  . Regardles of mileage,
we'll repair or replace any seat-
belt with material-or work-
manship-related defect for up
to five years. Strong waranties
also stand behaind our genuine
Volvo replacement parts and
emmission control systems.
All automakers offer warran-

ties with other products, of
course, but we've gone beyond
that with Volvo On Call, a
service providing round-the-
clock, 365-day-a-year protec-
tion, inn all 50 states. By an-
ticipating worst-case scenerios,
and planning for them in ad-
vance, Volvo On Call will give
you a sense of security when you
travel-with no out-of-pocket
expenses for towing or warran-
tab;e breakdowns. And the
plan includes many additional
features which add ease and
convenience to the package:
  . If you need help, simply
dial Volvo On Call's toll-free
emergency road service number,
no matter where you are, and a

representative will immediately
assist you. If you can still drive
your car, your call will be con-
nected to the neearest Volvo
dealer (so that you can discuss
the problem with a factory-
trained technician). If not, a
tow truck will be dispatched,
and you'll be taken to the clos-
est dealer (or affiliated garage)
at no cost-or anywhere else
(though you'll be billed for tow-
ing costs beyond a 10 mile
limit). And, if you're suffering
from a minor difficulty, such as
a flat tire or a blown fuse, it'll
be fixed on the spot.
  . In the event of a warran-
&table breakdown or an accident
more than 150 miles from
home, Volvo On Call will re-
imburse you and your passenger
for such costs as food, lodging,
and car rentals, as well as

commercial transportation,
for up to 72 hours after the inci-
dent occurs. (The service is lim-
ited to $250 for each of two
  . If you lose your car keys
and someone finds them and
drops them in a mailbox; we'll
post them back to you. Or if
you lock them in, you'll be re-
imbursed for a locksmith's serv-
ices, for up to $100.
  . If your wallet is stolen or
lost more than 100 miles from
home, you'll be able to get an
emergency cash advance of
$100 through Western Union.
  . Volvo On Call also
provides a $5000 reward for
information leading to the ar-
rest and convicion of the per-

petrators, should your Volvo be
stolen. You'l receive a window
decal attesting to that fact-
itself an excellent deterrent.
  . Volvo On Call also offers
ways of imporving the quality
of your trip when you voyage by
road. . . our trip routing service
will provide maps, clearly
marked with either rapid or
scenic routes, for the continental
U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
Along with travel planning
suggestions, you'll receive a
check list of things to do before
starting out, an da person-
alized travel journal and

     ledge-ideal for recording
  . Completing the package: a
24 hour, toll-free travel servie
number, for booking air reserva-
tions, both domestic and inter-
national, reserving rooms and
rening cars; personalized lug-
gage tags and key chains; and
even offers of world-wide, featuring
substantial saving on numer-
ous travel plains.
  At Volvo, our goal remains

nothing less than total customer
satisfaction-we're with you for
as long as you own your car.
And since, with each passing
year, we build the a little bit
better, we expect the relationship
to last for a long time.
  + Volvo On Call is a service mark of
     Volvo North America Corporation
     The program is administrered by the
     Amoco Motor Club. Please see our
     On Call booklet for details and
     limitations on Benefits.
  * Please consult our 1987 Warranty
     booklet for details
 ** Residents of the State of New York
     are not covered by the trip inter-
     ruption section of the Volvo On
     Call plan because of New York
     State Law/ New York resident
     owners are eligible for all other
     Volvo On Call benefits. If a Volvo
     has trouble in New York and the
     owners live outside the sate, the trip
     interruption provision of On Call
     is available to them because they
     would be filing for reimbursement
     outside the State of New York.

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780 logo

Dimensions and Weight

Wheelbase 109.1 in.
Overall length 188.7 in.
Overall height 55.1 in.
Overall width 68.9 in.
Front track 57.9 in.
Rear track 57.9 in.
Front headroom 37.0 in.
Rear headroom 35.8 in.
Front legroom 40.2 in.
Rear legroom 35.7 in.
Trunk capacity 14.4 cu. ft.
Towing capacity 2,000 lbs
Apprximate curb weight 3,329 lbs


780 logo

780 Engineering Features

Body: Central passenger safety cage
with energy absorbing front and rear
ends. Extensive rustproofing includes
use of zinc-coated metal for the entire
body except the roof and roof pillars.
An anticorrosive coating is applied
inside doors, rockers panels, etc. Pro-
tection includes undercoating and
special stone chip reistant paint be-
low the beltline.

Steering System: Power-assisted rack
and pinion steering; 32'9" turning circle.

Braking System: Power-assisted, four-
wheel disc brakes; sliding calipers on
front ventilated discs; separate rear
drum parking brakes; stepped-bore
master cylinder; anti-lock system;
dual front/rear split brake circuits.

MacPherson Strut front Suspension and
Constant Track Rear Suspension with
Live Rear Axle
Front MacPherson struts incorate
coil springs and telescopic shock ab-
sorbers. Front stabilizer bar. Rear
Constant Track Suspension with rigid
live rear axle located by longitudinal
control arms and torque rods attached
to a subframe, coil springs, gas-filled
shock absorbers with automatic level-
ing, and stabilizer bar.

780 Engine: V-6 B280F gasoline en-
gine with aluminium alloy cylinder
head and block, overhead camshafts,
electronic ignition system with spark
advance and knock sensor, LH-
Jetronic electronic fuel injection, and
Lambda Sond® emission control.
Displacement 174 cu. in.
  (2,85 litres)
ratio 9.5:1
SAE-net 145 @ 5100 rpm
Torque, fr. lbs.,  
SAE-net 173 @ 3750 rpm
Fuel tank 15,8 gals
capacity (60 litres)
Battery/ 66 amp-hr/
Alternator 100 amps
Transmission: Floor-mounted four
speed automatic is standard.

780 Product Features and Equipment

Power-assisted brakes and steering
Anti-lock braking system
Nivomat® automatic leveling system
Cruise control
Power front windows
Rear window demister with auto-
  matic shut off timer
Front and rear fog lights*
Dual, power mirrors with heating
Centrally-conrolled locking system
  including trunk
Anti-theft alarm system
Remote trunk release
Remote fual cap lock release
Power moonroof
AM/FM stereo cassette receiver,
  seven-band electronic graphic
  equalizer, 4 speakers, power
Leather upholstery
Front and rear headrests
Power adjustments on driver's and
  front passenger's for legroom
  seat cushion height and angle, and
  seat back angle

Automatic glide feature on front
  seats for ease of entrance into rear
Adjustable lumber support on both
  front seats
Heated driver's and front passenger's<
  seats Illuminated vanity mirror
Front and rear reading lights
Front spoiler
Five mile/hour bumpers
Halogen high and low beam   headlights
Tinted glass with windshields shade
Intermittent cycle on front wind
  shield wipers
Stell-belted radial tires
Three-point, self-adjusting safety
  belts in the four outboard posi-
  tions; lap belt in rear center posi-
  tion; automatic pretensoiners on
  front belts; driver's side supple-
  mental restraint system (airbag
  and padded kneebar)
Front and rear center armrests with
Front door panel storage
Rear seat storage passage to trunk
Interior light delay
Engine and trunk lights
Instruments; 120 mph (220 km/h)
  speedometer; odometer (999,999);
  trip odometer; tachometer; engine
  temperature, fuel level, engine oil
  temperature gauges; voltmeter,
  quartz crystal clock
Tool kit

* Subject to state and local laws.

All specifications are subject to change by the
manufacturer without notice.

volvo word
1986 Volvo North America Corporation
manufacturer without notice.

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  fotos and pictures 1987 Volvo North America Corporation