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proud family inheritage

Sixty years ago, the very first Volvo rolled out of the company's assembly plant
near Gothenburg, Sweden. A handsomely-styled touring car, revealing a
distinctive American influence, it was immediately christened the Jakob- or so
the legend goes.
    In point of fact, the original Jakob was one of ten prototype cars that actually predated that first proud production model. The affectionate nickname
resurfaced a few years later-stuck-and passed into legend.
    One thing we know for sure: the Jakob that met the public was a true Volvo. It
possessed the traits that have become our hallmark.
    Today, fully six decades later, our new sedans and wagons uphold the Volvo
tradition. Our reputation for quality, safety, and durability remains intact. Of
course, at glance the symbol on the grill may seem to be the only feature
our 1988 Volvos haveinherited from Jakob. But the resemblance goes deeper than
that. It's true that our forward in design and ergonomics. But the values that
distinguished our first automobile can still be discerned in the new generation.
    The Jakob, and the 1988 models. The family is Volvo.

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The780: volvo's limited edition, personal grand touring automobile

When Volvo set about to create a unique, limited edition touring car,
Carrozzeria Bertone of Turin was chosen as the design firm. Combining
Volvo's engineering talent with Bertone's genius for design has produced
what we believe will become a timeless classic. World renowned for such
automotive masterpieces as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint and the
Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Bertone has suffused the 780 coupe with elegant
lines and luxurious detailing. Old World craftmanschip is evident through-
out the distinctive interior, from the even stitching of the glove-soft leather
upholstery, to the meticulously matched birch burl insets in the dash and
door panels.
    The coupe is designed to handle with a responsiveness that renders it
virtually an extension of its pilot. The precise handling and directional
stability, the smooth power of the V-6 engine, the multilink independent
10nd page 780 picture interior rear suspension, and anti-
lock braking system all con-
nect you directly to the
driving experience.

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