Now is the time for a future classic.

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Volvo 780 Volvo 780

Side logo Bertone. We struck an agreement.
Volvo in Zweden and Carozzeria Bertone in Italy:
Together we would create something of lasting value.
A motorcar of uncompromising elegance, transcending fickle fashions.
Discreetly luxurious and never vulgar.
A safe car.
A technically refined car.
A car personifying everything Volvo stands for.
And, at the same time, pay homage to
Carozzeria Bertone's 70 years of experience in creating beautiful motorcars.
A car created in the 80s, pointing towards the future.
A very special Volvo.
Volvo 780.

Volvo 780 Volvo 780

Distinctive lighting arrangement and clean,elegant lines. Specially designed light alloy rims.

For something to survive, it must withstand the ravages of time.
That calls for quality, down to the smalllest detail.
Volvo has always manufactured cars with very long lifespans.
The Volvo 780 will live up to our reputation.
We build it using equal measures of modern technology and classical workmanship.
With the kind of quality control only a few car manufactures can match.
We have the time to care about quality.
We are not planning to manufacture very many 780s each year.

Volvo 780 Volvo 780

Electrically operated smoked-glass sunroof with sliding sunshade. Electrically operated front seats. We sought pure luxury.
The interior of the 780 is characterized by soft leathers.
The classical theme is underscored by wood panelling.
We have equipped the car with electrically adjustable seats.
The indoor climate is automatically regulated.
Set the temperature you desire, and the Volvo Automatic Control does the rest.
Your cruising speed can be preset with the Automatic Cruise Control.
Of course, the windows, sunroof and rear view mirrors are electrically controlled.
And we have given the Volvo 780 exceedingly effective soundproofing.
You are ibvited to listen to the silence.
Unless you are listening to the state-of the art Sound System that is standard equipment.

Volvo 780 Volvo 780

The powerful and quiet six cilinder. 4-speed automatic with overdrive. Every single part of the chassis and driveline have been designed to satisfy anyone nostalgic for the wonderful feeling of truly classic road car.
The Volvo 780 is an automobile designed for the refined pleasure of quiet, comfortable high-speed cruising.
A perfectly balanced chassis with Volvo's constant track rear suspension ensures that the car always behaves consistently.
The powerful and quit six cylinder engine runs extremely smoothly and has excellent characteristics.
Power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering gives you perfect road feel.

Volvo 780 Volvo 780

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are standard equipment. The front deat safety belts have a pre-tensioner. The Volvo 780 is the car with a sober exterior and inner temperament.
Volvo is synonymous with safety. The Volvo 780 is no exception.
Still, the graceful lines camouflage substantial energy-absorbing crumple zones.
The car has anti-lock brakes (ABS) as standard equipment ... which means greatly increased driving safety in an emergency situation.
It keeps the wheels just below the point of locking, where you get the most efficient braking.
The front seat safety belts have a pretensioner. They instantly grip you more securly in the event of a collision.
The car is a Volvo.
A sure classic.

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Standard equipment

Sunroof Electically operated smoked-glass with sliding sunshade.
Spoiler Color coordinated and with foglights.
Headlights Two-parts-low beam and high beam with wiper/washer.
ABS Anti-lock brake system.
Cruise Control Automatically keeps the selected speed.
Tinted glass
Central locking Locks the doors.
Lockable trunk- and tanklid Operated from inside.
Engine bay light
Automatic levelling device Makes certain your car is always at the right level.
Courtesy lights Front floor and roof. There is a delay before the lights go out.
Reading lamps Placed above both front and rear seats.
Make-up mirrors Illuminated.

Electrically operated for right position. Electrically heated. Slides forwards/backwards for
convenient access to the rear seat, while you move the backrest forward/backward.
Leather interior Available in grey/black, blue/black and beige.
Head restraints Padded, both front and rear. Front adjustable.
Automatic Climate Control. Preset the temperature and it is automatically regulated.
Oil level indicator Indicates when it is time to refill oil.
Washer fluid level indicator Indicates when it is time to washer fluid.
Rear view mirrors Electrically operated and heated.
Windows Electrically operated from door panel.
Audio equipment

Tuner, automatic station seeking. 24 preset station. Casette player, auto-reverse and Dolby B.
Equalizer, amplifies or surpresses within 7 frequence areas. 4 preset frequence curves.
Amplifier, 2 x 40 W for front speakers, 2 x 60 W for rearspeakers. Antenna, electrically operated.
Pre-tensioner Tightens the safety belt in an emergency.

Technical information

Engine B 280 E B 280 F
Configuration V6 V6
Displacement 2849 cc 2849 cc
Bore/Stroke, mm 91/73 91/73
Max. output,kW/pk/rpm 115/156/5250 108/147/5100
Max. torque, ECE Nm/kgm/rpm 245/25.0/3200 235/24.0/3750
Compression ratio 10.0:1 9.5:1
Octane rating, (RON) * 95 91 (unleaded)
Fuel system Intermittent injection Intermittent injection
Emission control Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Pulsair Catalyst Converter and lambda Sond
Engine block/Cylinder heads Aluminium alloy/Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy/Aluminium alloy
Valve system Overhead camshafts Overhead camshafts
Automaat 4-speed incl. OD 4-speed incl. OD
Electrical system
Battery capacity, Ah 66 66
Alternator rating, A 90 90
Ignition system Micro-processor controlled Micro-processor controlled
Fuel tank
Safety location in front of rear of axle. Volume litres 60 60
Steering gear (power assisted)
Rack and pinion. Split steering column
of safety type. Ratio


Turns of steering wheel, lock to lock 3.5 3.5
Turning cirle diameters, metres 9.9 9.9
Steel braced radial ply tyres 205/60 HR 205/60 HR
Rims, light alloy 6" x 15" 6" x 15"
Front Spring struts Spring struts
Rear Live Live
Brakes (power assisted, dual circuit)
Front Ventilated discs Ventilated discs
Rear Discs Discs
* All engines in the 700 series can be run on unleaded petrol provided that minimum octane is fulfilled.

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Text from English Volvo 780 flyer 1987.