Hello dear Volvo friend,

Glad you could make some time to look at this VOLVO site. I have started this page in March 1997.
I'm now on the second site started in Spring 1998, and will be continuing updated.
Thanks to those of you who have given me many responses from all over the world.
They give me good reasons for why I'm doing this.
Special thanks to those who send me email, notes, messages in the Guestbook,
or from visitors who are looking in and of course those who registered their cars in the 262C Members Book for friendly communication with other Volvo members.
But don't forget: we now have also the Bertone 780 members and 264TE members
Of course, there are not many of this last model, but still several driving around the world.
With a variety of different pictures and stories, we have all kinds of items for your interest!
If you find something that you would like us to add to the Site, or any other news or information, send it to the register.