Don Rogers Volvo Bertone project!!!!

Volvo 262C Gold Where do I begin?

The Chevrolet 305 TBI engine was removed from a 1991 Caprice, it has a
4L60 hydromatic transmission and uses a computer to control the fuel injection.

The engine, transmission, tank mounted fuel pump and computer are the
same one as it was in the 1991 Caprice. I just removed everything and
made the Caprice components think they were still in the Chevrolet, not
the Volvo.

Several items in the modification are from other cars or
manufactured by me to serve a purpose. The radiator is from a corvette,
the electric cooling fan is from a 1991 Ford Mercury Sable and each
system has its own story, which I will share with anyone who has interest.

The battery and washer tank are mounted in the trunk and wires are
routed through the tunnels under the door. The V8 engine weights 154 lbs
more than the Volvo V6 and all the weight you can, needs to be placed
behind the front axle. To help remove some of the front end squat,
spacers can be placed between the front axle and frame.

The AC system is charged with freon 134 and works great. I have all the
systems that were on the Volvo working, including the cruise control.
In 1980 I bought a new Volvo 264GLE, its fuel consumption is much more
than what the Chevrolet Caprice is. The Volvo V6 was never better than
17 MPG and with the V8 TBI Chevrolet engine I get 18 MPG in the city and
21 MPG on the highway driving 65 MPH.
The MPG fuel consumption is much better using the V8.
Glad to help anyone who has an interest to do such a project.

Don Rogers
1012 West Ivanhoe Street       480.855.5621
Chandler, AZ 85224

Engine V8 Engine V8

Volvo 262C Gold Volvo 262C Gold

Interior The battery and washer tank are mounted in the trunk

Don thanks for your story!


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text en pictures from Don Rogers

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