Picture from Motor trend 1988 Picture from Motor trend 1988


The refined shape of the Volvo 780 was carefully arrived by Bertone, Italy's leading automotive designer.

Picture from Motor trend 1988

But since the turbocharged 780 was engineered Sweden, the attraction goes well beyond sophisticated looks.

Consider, for example, the Multi-link independent rear suspension.

Unlike more conventional systems, Multi-link allows each tire to indiviually adjust road conditions.

So when you encounter uneven road surfaces only one tire, instead of four, is affected.

The result is suspension system that puts comfort and handling under one roof.

Picture from Motor trend 1988 As one would expect, a car of the 780's class is equipped with a driver's-side Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).

When used in conjunction with our three point seat belt, SRS is designed to increase protection to the driver in certain types of accidents.

For additional safety, the Volvo 780 is equipped with anti-lock braking (ABS) which continuously regulates the distribution of braking power.

Picture from Motor trend 1988 Consequently, ABS allows you to brake with less chance of skidding or losing steering control.

And that helps take the panic out of panic stops.

So see us soon to test drive the Volvo 780 personal luxury coupe.

It's an engineering achievement even an artist can appreciate.

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